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The new Russell Gentleman's Classic Birdshooter, heralding the return of elegance afield.


Turtleskin® SnakeArmor can be added for $73.00, for maximum protection from snakes and thorns.

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Russell Gentleman's Classic Birdshooter

Sporting Classics' Creative Director, Ryan Stalvey with his Sarahsetter Kennels tri-color English Setter, Dutch. Photograph by Nicole Stalvey.
In times gone by when gentlemen and ladies went afield, they dressed in natural fibers...wool trousers, shirts and socks, oiled cotton field coats and fine leather boots. Trousers were most normally “bloused” inside the sport’s boots to keep critters, water, dust and cold breezes on the outside where they belong. Very utilitarian.

Ryan Stalvey, Creative Director for Sporting Classics magazine, laments the fact that hunting has changed so dramatically in modern times. Stalvey yearns for a return of classic elegance afield--one in which well dressed outdoorsmen and ladies with spirited bird dogs out front once again pursue clever, fast flying feathered quarry--in a gentlemanly manner. As Ryan observes, “Hunters years ago knew the value of a tall, well made pair of leather boots...tall boots protect your legs and trousers from thorns and brush and debris. There was a reason why our grandfathers wore tall boots but sadly the classic tall leather boot has disappeared from the hunting landscape.”

With Ryan’s input we have resurrected the classic tall birdshooter made famous by

Russell Moccasin more that 80 years ago, albeit with updated materials. The Gentleman’s Classic Birdshooter is 14 inches tall and made from a new rich oil stuffed waterproofed Timberjack leather in traditional chocolate brown. For a steady walking platform we equipped it with a lightweight oak leather midsole and added a low-lugged Vibram 430 sole with a distinct heel, (just in case you need to ride a horse during your bird hunt). Double vamp construction for added support, comfort and waterproofness, waterproofed Aqua Tanned leather lined uppers plus sturdy hand formed oak leather heel counters. Solid brass lacing studs in the top four eyelets. Classic in every way.

Men's Only
Aspen Gumlite
Vibram 430
Standard Sole

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Gentleman's Classic Birdshooter - Custom Made Only
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Chocolate Brown

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