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Gayne Young Jungle Hunter "PH"

Unlike many hunters who welcome the cool breezes of fall as the harbinger of great wingshooting and big game hunting, Gayne Young of Fredericksburg, TX spurns those traditional fall regimens, opting instead for hunting the hot, humid, dank rain forests of the Yucatan and points South.  Gayne, a long time Russell customer, began discussing a new jungle type boot with us a year or so that would better serve his unique needs.

Gayne came up with the idea for the Jungle Hunter “PH” after returning from a week long hunt in the Yucatán jungle.   As Gayne explained, "I wore several pair of boots during that hunt and didn't find any of them conducive to jungle hunting.  They were either too cumbersome, lacked true ankle support, or had soles that overly collected mud and debris. The Jungle Hunter “PH” boots were designed utilizing my years of experience in hunting swamps, bogs, and rain forests. I'm really excited about them."

We started with a Russell “PH” platform, made in all leather, 7-inches high with triple vamp construction.   But not just any leather.  We selected a buttery soft waterproof American Bison leather.  Gayne asked for a lightweight boot that wouldn’t pick up a lot of mud so we equipped the new boot with a Silvato sole that carries a modest tread.  He also requested added ankle support to prevent ankle sprains when slogging around in the dark, wet jungle so we lined the quarters, (uppers) with Turtleskin and added a layer or Poron technical foam to soften up the walking, a leather cushion collar and quick lacing brass studs in the top three eyelets.

Why jungle hunting?

“I like jungles.   It’s warm and there’s more to see,” says Gayne.  “I was a Tarzan fan as a kid and jungles have always fascinated me.”
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