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Jofie Lamprecht Safaris:
Jofie Lamprecht is a Namibian Big Game Professional Hunter, leading both plains and dangerous game hunting safaris. He and his wife Monica own and run Jofie Lamprecht Safaris, conducting safaris that are custom-made to fit each and every clients' dream of their African Safari… whether it be their first or 10th safari. Born in 1979, Jofie was raised in the hunting safari business world, in the bush, under the tutelage of his father Joof Lamprecht. Jofie shot his first Oryx at 5, sat in his first Leopard blind at 6, and harvested his first Cape Buffalo at 12 years of age. Jofie's Professional hunting experience includes 10 years of professional hunting experience in Namibia; he has been a fully licensed Namibian big game P.H. since 2007; did his dangerous game experience, as well as conducted several safaris to Tanzania in 2006 and 2007; he also holds a P.H. license in Mozambique; has been on the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) executive committee for a total of 5 years, and was elected NAPHA Vice-President in 2006; Jofie's articles and photographs have been published in many magazines throughout Africa and America (list available on request). Jofie is proud to uphold the traditions of ethical and fair-chase hunting done on foot, a passion that he takes very seriously. He is in incredibly good shape, and loves hunting all of the terrain challenges Namibia has to offer, from flat desert to high mountains. He works very hard to get the hunter closer, etching each hunt indelibly on his clients that become friends. Jofie leads many dangerous game safaris each season including Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, Crocodile and Hippo down to plains game species, including Cheetah. The age of the trophy animal is always the primary objective, along with the experience of the African safari. Jofie's clients also hold many trophies that are in Namibia's top 10 of all time, and are very high in record books around the world. Jofie is also an accomplished photographer. As a natural progression of his love of nature, photography became a new found passion in his life. On photographic safari, Jofie can either take photos for you, or give you daily lectures and instruction to sharpen your photographic skills. With his patient instruction, and knowledge of wildlife, Jofie gets his photographic enthusiasts the shots they want, while helping them become better photographers and learn to understand their subjects. Jofie and Monica put together specialized photographic safaris to include wildlife, African culture and scenic according to the clients requirements. Jofie’s photography has been honored by being published in and on the cover of most of the fine hunting magazines and publications around the world, as well as having his photography used in high profile company advertising under the name of Jofie Lamprecht Photography. One of his most famous images has been used in the black and white advertisement of a Cape Buffalo for Krieghoff International Inc. Find Jofie's photography portfolio on Flickr: Jofie is a dynamic and outgoing man who enjoys every aspect of the safari business. He especially enjoys sharing his knowledge of his country, the wildlife and environment with hunting clients. He has a special place in his heart for sharing all of this with children that come to hunt with him, and has a certain patience with them that gives all parents a gleam in their eye! Jofie is passionate about good wine and food as well as excellent standards of service, which fits perfectly with the safari life. Jofie lives in Namibia with his beautiful "Texas Trouble" - Monica - with their four Jack Russell Terrorists on the southern edge of the capital Windhoek, from where Jofie bases all his safaris. Jofie and Monica are both proud lifetime members of the Dallas Safari Club. Jofie is a delight to hunt with. Knowledgeable. Driven. As professional as they get! Russell's Richard Sanders can't wait to hunt with him again. Email Jofie at or call his U.S. cell phone number (active January and February only) 214-886-4921, or contact Monica at 214-886-4941 (variable availability throughout the year).

Coenraad Vermaak Safaris:
Professional Hunter Hans “Scruff” Vermaak is one of the leading professional hunters of Southern Africa. Hans is currently Managing Director of South Africa’s longest established safari outfitter - Coenraad Vermaak Safaris – that was started by his father, Coenraad, 42 years ago. Continuing the hunting legacy of the Vermaak family, Hans has hunted extensively throughout Africa and has built a fine reputation with international clients over the years.
It all began on the family ranch “Vermaakskraal” in the thornveld of KwaZulu Natal, where many of his childhood days were spent in the bush, around campfires and accompanying his father on Big 5 and plains game hunts in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. After his schooling at Michaelhouse, Hans managed game ranches and guided international clients at the world famous Mala Mala game reserve. He also travelled and worked in the USA for a year during which time he spent 4 months in Alaska with Joe Klutsch of Katmai Guide Services hunting Brown Bear and working at the fishing lodge. Hans has been hunting professionally for almost 20 years having obtained his professional hunters license with distinction as the “Student of the Year” at the Goss Academy of Professional Hunting. He is a life member of the Dallas Safari Club, has served on the board of IPHA (International Professional Hunters Association) and is a life member of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa). He has served on the PHASA executive for several years and has recently been elected President of this fine organisation. He is also currently a director of the PHASA Wildlife Conservation and Empowerment fund. Hans is happiest in the bush guiding hunts and sharing safari life with his guests. Fortunately his lovely wife Sarah and children Emily and Caleb share his passion for hunting and the outdoors. This will no doubt ensure that the Vermaak hunting legacy continues! Coenraad Vermaak Safaris is the longest standing professional hunting organization in South Africa. Russell's Richard Sanders has hunted with CVS several times and can attest to their motto, "Dedicated To Exceed Your Expecations." Your experience at the hands of their highly skilled staff will leave you in awe! Visit to browse the Coenraad Vermaak Safaris or email them at

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch:
In the past two years, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has placed more Typical and Non-typical Whitetail bucks in the Safari Club International top 10 than any other state...province...or North America. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is managed for the sustainable harvest of a limited number of huge, top rated bucks every year. In 2011, Oak Creek’s hunters took the pending new #1 SCI Typical (overall)...a 234-7/8” (net) monster; the pending new #3 SCI Typical (233-1/8”); the pending new #5 SCI Midwestern Typical (222-2/8”); the pending new #8 SCI Midwestern Typical (205” net), and the pending new #11 SCI Midwestern Typical, (199-1/8”)...all in the space of the first three weeks of the season? Add to that 12 of the top15 Midwestern SCI Typical records Oak Creek already holds from the past few years! Donald and Angi Hill had a vision when they set out to develop the finest Whitetail hunting ranch in the world in the Missouri Ozarks. The Hill’s are 20 year veterans in the outdoor/entertainment/hospitality business, having owned and operated a successful houseboat rental business...Hill’s Lake Escape...on Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs, AR for a number of years. Upon acquiring the original 1,800 acre property Donald put his habitat management skills to work...taking all of the inferior deer off the property, replacing them with huge Northern Whitetails drawn from superior blood lines and has worked tirelessly since 2004 to develop Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch into the premier Whitetail deer hunting destination in the world. Donald is one of the most knowledgeable Whitetail genetics experts in all of North America. His meticulous and ongoing development of big, “framey,” good looking trophy Whitetail bucks, combined with his devotion to intensive habitat management, is paying off. Food plots, including alfalfa, clover, tubers, grains and Donald Hill’s “Magic Beans” are also planted throughout the property providing bucks, does and fawns alike with more than ample food throughout the year to maintain deer herd health. But don’t forget the Whitetail deer’s favorite food....acorns....millions of them rain from the tree tops every fall! Thus, there is little or no stress on the Big Bucks of Oak Creek. The fourth and most important dimension of Oak Creeks success is the many years of experience that Donald, Angi and their staff have in the entertainment and hospitality business. They realize that the experience is the most important aspect of the hunt. They ensure that every guest goes home with the best experience possible equalling "The Hunt of A Lifetime".
Email Donald or Angi Hill at, or call 573-943-6644. Be sure to check out their monster Whitetail trophies at

Ivan Carter, PH:
Ivan Carter was born and raised in the bush in Zimbabwe. He is not only a professional hunter
but an accomplished wildlife and scenic photographer. Ivan works closely with Craig Boddington
and the Tracks Across Africa TV production staff and appears on the show regularly. Ivan is also one
of Russell's boot testers, always doing his best to tear up whatever we provide for testing. So far he's
doing a great job! With 15 Years of experience in the field, Ivan Carter guides through nine different
countries in Africa and has become recognized as one of the best professional hunters in the business.
If you are looking for the safari of a lifetime, something wild, remote and off the beaten path, Ivan Carter
has the knowledge and experience to prepare a journey that will leave you filled with awe at the simple beauty
and expanse of the dark continent.

American Tanning & Leather Company:, located in Griffin, GA, is the premier alligator and crocodile tanning company in the US...possibly the world! We have seen dozens of beautiful hides comes through over the past few years that had been expertly tanned, many of them in American Tanning’s glazed finish, that were stunning. Contact American Tanning for all of your alligator and crocodile tanning needs. Please read their instructions under “Contract Tanning Instructions” , and print off the “Hide Care Tips” before you go gator hunting. If you have questions call Misty Pitts, or email her at, 770-228-4433 ext 201.

Russell Moccasin is a real believer in Obenauf's Heavy Duty leather Preservative. Not only does Heavy Duty Leather Preservative waterproof the fine leathers used in our boots, it conditions it and keeps it soft and supple. Made with bee propolis, the anti-bacterial resin collected by honey bees to waterproof and disinfect their hives, Obeanuf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative is an all natural product containing no petrochemicals that will alarm wildlife, which is vitally important to all big game hunters. Applied properly to clean leather and then worked in either with a hair dryer or by the sun, Obenauf's is one of the best waterproofing agents we have seen. We recommend treating your boots with Obenauf's twice before going afield.

Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris

Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris specializes in African safaris with a difference:  They are one of only a few South African companies that offers free ranging trophy hunting in big game reserves!  They have concessions as big as 156,000 acres and offer 42 species to hunt...from the smallest antelope to the biggest dangerous game trophy.  Each one of their 14 concessions, situated  in various provinces of South-Africa,  host a variety of  top quality trophy animals and are different in vegetation.  Booking a safari with them will be a most memorable one!  Contact details:  email or

Paul Stones Safaris Africa

Paul Stones Safaris Africa is a safari hunting company that has been in business since 1991.  Over the past 15 years they have established a very high standard of client service...repeat business of over 98% bears testimony to this. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Paul Stones Safaris Africa conducts hunting safaris all over the African continent. Continuous monitoring of areas throughout, give Paul Stones Safaris Africa the edge in knowing exactly where to go for the best possible success.  They do not own properties but have some of the finest concessions in Africa available to us.  Whether you wish to hunt for plains game in South Africa, track down the elusive Giant Eland in the Central African Republic or take your first Cape buffalo they  will cater to all your requirements.  Paul Stones Safaris Africa will arrange your hunt from start to finish. With meticulous precision they will get you into the bush and upon the completion of a memorable safari, back to your home and loved ones!

Hunt Trip Spain

Professional hunters, Francisco and Bruno Rosich, owners of Hunt Trip Spain, share their passion for hunting and their rich family hunting tradition with hunters from around the world every year, guiding them to extraordinary hunting trophies on their four hunting concessions in Spain.  They offer four species of Spanish Ibex, Red Stag, Mouflon Sheep, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Chamois, Barbary Sheep plus birdshooting. Francisco has been nominated as the International Professional Hunter of the year by SCI three years running.  In 2005, Bruno was also nominated as the Outstanding Professional Hunter of the Year.  The brothers are both loyal Russell Moccasin customers.   We always look forward to renewing acquaintances with them each year at SCI..

Hunters Namibia Safaris

Joof Lamprecht, Sr. approached Russell Moccasin a number of years ago to have us make a custom boot for him…a pair of 14” High Country Hunters equipped with a flat, nearly treadless sole.  Why?  To combat the ravaging effects of Hook Thorns which are native to Namibia, for walking in sand.  The “Joof Lamprecht Boot” has become very popular with hunters headed to Namibia.   Since our first meeting we have become good friends with the entire Lamprecht family, and have learned that Hunters Namibia Safaris is one of the premier safari operations in all of Africa.

Walden & Bork Custom Leather Works:

Walden & Bork Custom Leather Works is another Wisconsin company offering custom made personal accessories made from your game skins...ladies purses, handbags, notebooks, glasses cases, checkbook wallets, cigar cases and a myriad of other products.  All hand made in the U.S. to your exact specifications.


Africa, Asia, North America, old and new books and publishers of signed limited edition big game hunting books most by professional hunters or very experienced sport hunters. We have the largest selection of quality big game hunting books for readers and collectors.

Outdoor Visions:

Russell Moccasin has known Bob nd Betty Harper of Outdoor Visions for many years. Their videos depict hard core hunting action worldwide, from Africa to Asia to the South Pacific to North America. They offer the best of hunting on video. Check them out. 100's of titles.

Murray Custom Leather:

Dick Murray is a loyal Russell Moccasin customer AND a fine leather craftsman himself. His line of handmade leather gun cases, holsters, rifle slings and cartridge holders are without equal. Well designed... high quality.

Jarrett Rifles:

Kenny Jarrett builds the world's most accurate custom made hunting rifles. We've known Kenny for a long time and know his reputation for delivering legendary accuracy to be well earned. Kenny also wears Russell Moccasin boots.

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