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Russell Announces Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 Birdhooters Built On The Famous Munson Army Last

Experience the exhilarating comfort of our newest version of the Russell Signature South 40 Birdshooter. The Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 version is constructed over the famous Munson Army Last that allows your feet to move in a more natural way, and at the same time, helps to build foot muscle strength.

We have found that when your feet are supported by thick insoles and big arch supports that the foot muscles become atrophied, therefore requiring even more support.

We equipped this new boot with a thin, flexible, grippy, long wearing Vibram Newporter sole with only a 1/4” heel wedge. The result is that your feet are closer to the ground resulting in better balance, more positive ground contact and feel. The moment you pull on a pair of these special Signature South 40’s and lace them up you will feel the natural support of your arch facilitated by the narrow shank of the Munson Last. The natural shape of the Munson Last puts your feet at ease. Due to the construction and the use of the Munson Army Last, these boots require no break just put them on and start walking.

Russell President, Ralph Fabricius
selects a last over which a customer’s boots will be made.
Russell first became interested in the concept of a low heel, or no heel rise at all, while developing our our Minimalist Footwear lineup. Minimalist footwear fans requested flat soles, no arch support and a shoe made on the Munson Army Last as the Munson Last allowed the bones and muscles in their feet to move freely. The flat sole and absence of an arch support actually strengthens runners feet. To learn more about Russell Minimalist Footwear take a look at our Minimalist Footwear web page,

Russell’s Richard Sanders, an avid hunter, designed the original South 40 Birdshooter back in 1984. It went on to become one of our best sellers. Born of the field for the field. Richard logged well over 6,000 miles chasing birds in his South 40 Birdshooters. About a year ago the originals went missing so we made a replacement pair to his specifications. He wanted to try the improved and upgraded Signature South 40 built on the Munson Army Last and equip the boots with the Vibram Newporter Sole and 1/4 inch wedge. He has been wearing in the field for the past seven months and loves them. You will be amazed at how comfortable they are!

Field Report: 7-Months--200 Miles
Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 Birdshooter

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The Munson Army Last-Based Thula Thula PH is Catching On!

A number of the top Professional Hunters (PH’s), in Africa have adopted the Russell Thula Thula “PH” as their go-to boot for most hunting situations. The Thula Thula is based on the Munson Army Last, as is the new Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40.

Professional hunter, Ivan Carter, who was instrumental in not only Russell’s development of the Thula Thula PH, but he did most of the early field testing, has been wearing the Munson Army Last-based Thula Thula exclusively since 2006. His comments follow:

“This Thula Thula is without a doubt the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever worn. It was my last hunt of the season--176 days into the season--and not a single sign of slowing down from the Thula Thula’s. With several hundred miles on them...from the Kalahari sands of Botswana to the rugged hills of the Zambezi Valley to the mountains of the Eastern Cape...and now the thorny deserts of Massailand. I was wearing my Russell Thula Thula’s that had the molded Vibram Grip Rock soles stitched all the way around -- a crucial step in their manufacture.

The smooth soles were grippy yet quiet, and as tough as could be. This dry thorny and often rocky terrain was putting the shoes through their paces and so far the boots were coming out on top. You hunt buffalo with your feet so you need to take care of your feet and the Thula Thula’s with the Grip Rock soles sewn all the way around had done just that...not just on this hunt but for the last 175 days too!?”
Ivan Carter, Professional Hunter

“The Ivan Carter Thula Thula’s are incredible! They are the envy of the camp. Super comfortable and totally quiet. I recommend them to all of my clients.”
Jofie Lamprecht, Professional Hunter

The Orthotics Compromise

Having made true moccasin style footwear for 114 years, Russell Moccasin knows the benefits of wearing moccasin style footwear. A moccasin cradles your foot in leather, wrapping one, two or three layers of high quality leather around the foot. With wear your moccasin shoe or boot molds to the shape of your foot. Moccasin footwear allows the bones and muscles of your foot to “exercise” properly and grow stronger.

In the past 10 years or so, we have seen more and more people wearing orthotics. Russell feels orthotics are a compromise at best and does not recommend them unless medically necessary as they detract from the benefits of moccasin construction....they interfere with fit, feel, comfort and function of a true moccasin shoe or boot.

We would like to share two scenarios with you. The first involves one of our own employee’s experiences with orthotics. The second involves the running world’s move to minimalist footwear.

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Russell Pro-Staff Spotlight

P.H. Hans "Scruff" Vermaak

Hans (known to many as Scruff), is one of the leading professional hunters of Southern Africa. Hans is currently Managing Director of South Africa’s longest established safari outfitter - Coenraad Vermaak Safaris – that was started by his father, Coenraad, 42 years ago. Continuing the hunting legacy of the Vermaak family, Hans has hunted extensively throughout Africa and has built a fine reputation with international clients over the years.

It all began on the family ranch “Vermaakskraal” in the thornveld of KwaZulu Natal, where many of his childhood days were spent in the bush, around campfires and accompanying his father on Big 5 and plains game hunts in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. After his schooling at Michaelhouse, Hans managed game ranches and guided international clients at the world famous Mala Mala game reserve. He also travelled and worked in the USA for a year during which time he spent 4 months in Alaska with Joe Klutsch of Katmai Guide Services hunting Brown Bear and working at the fishing lodge.

Hans has been hunting professionally for almost 20 years having obtained his professional hunters license with distinction as the “Student of the Year” at the Goss Academy of Professional Hunting. He is a life member of the Dallas Safari Club, has served on the board of IPHA (International Professional Hunters Association) and is a life member of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa). He has served on the PHASA executive for several years and has recently been elected President of this fine organisation. He is also currently a director of the PHASA Wildlife Conservation and Empowerment fund.

Hans is happiest in the bush guiding hunts and sharing safari life with his guests. Fortunately his lovely wife Sarah and children Emily and Caleb share his passion for hunting and the outdoors. This will no doubt ensure that the Vermaak hunting legacy continues!

Visit to browse the Coenraad Vermaak Safaris website.

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