Order / Fitting Process

Russell Moccasin Order/Fitting Process

Thank you for your interest in ordering fine hand crafted foot wear from the Russell Moccasin Company. There are 4 ways to get fitted:

1. Fittings are provided at trade shows (see Russell Exhibits)

2. Visit us at our factory showroom in Berlin, Wisconsin.

3. Fittings through the mail- Click here for Fitting instructions/video and forms on how to outline and measure your feet.

4. We can come to you, custom fitting service now available click here.

5. Fit issues we can work with:

What we can do: We can fit big feet, wide feet, narrow feet. We can allow for bunions, hammer toes, high insteps.

Fit issues that don’t work with moccasin construction:

What we are not: We are not an orthopedic shoe company. Our construction is not compatible with braces, or super rigid, thick, built up orthotics. We prefer not to build around orthotics. Moccasin construction is meant to mold to your feet. Some orthotics are so rigid that they do not allow the boot/shoe to fit your feet in the correct manner. It is up to our digression whether we will allow the use of your orthotics in the measuring process. If it is just a thin insert on the bottom that is normally not a problem.

We find a lot of times we have problems fitting customers if your feet are extremely wide 6 E plus or extremely narrow AA plus as well.