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The Russell Prickly Pear Bridshooter was recently awarded Field & Stream’s “Best of the Best” Gear of the Year award in the boots category for 2007. Jay Cassell, Deputy Editor of Field & Stream said the “Best of The Best” judges deemed the Russell Prickly Pear Birdshooter “the most innovative and best-designed product in its class.”

Russel Moccasin President, Ralph Fabricius, right accepts Sporting Classics Award of Excellence from Sporting Classics CEO, Duncan Grant, during the 2006 Safari Club International Convention in Reno, NV. Russell received Sporting Classics highest honor for the Best Boots of 2006.

Safari Magazine
p.90 September/October 2004
By Derrick Van Staden, PH Hunters & Guides Africa

One Tough Pair of Boots

It was the first moring of a 10-day plains game bowhunting safari in the Waterberg Mountains of northern South Africa in 1995, I could feel the bitter cold at first light. I was on my second cup of coffee,mm and the client was late....

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Sporting Classics
p.124 May/June 2006
By Bill Miller

One Stitch At A time

Russell Moccain occupies and ancient ivy-colored building on a side street in Berlin, Wisconsin, a cozy backwater surrounded by forests and farms. A throwback amid mass production, big box stores and offshore sweatshops, Russell builds footwear evocative of an earlier itme and place that many of us would happily return to - when money was sound, wildlife was plentiful and America was unfettered with suburban sprawl...

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Sports Afield
p.37 December 2005
By Mike Schoby

Boots for Stalking
The right boots for safari

The right boots can literally make - or break - your hunt. Most American hunting boots are designed for steep slippery mountain country and are too heavily insultated for African hunting...

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Sporting Classics
p.57 March/April 2006
By ?

Clothing: Russell Moccasin

Russell Moccasin continues to maintain its high standards of American craftsmanship. Since their first set of hand-sewn boots "walked out" of the shop in 1898, Russell Moccasin has provided custom-fitted footwear for outdoorsmen and women...

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Shooting Sportsman
p. 18 January/February 2004
By Ralph P. Stuart

Field Test
Russell Woodcock TLC's

I'm a boot guy. Always have been. Since I was a kid, I've preferred pulling on footwear that is rugged enough for the conditions and offers ample ankle supporrt and traction...

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Shooting Sportsman
p.118 September/October 2006
By ?

Russell South 40 Bird Shooter

The W.C. Russell Moccasin Co. is a venerable American footwear maker with 19th century roots that continues producing quality boots and shoes today. As a kid who devoured outdoor magazines and catalogs like a feral pigeon gobbling up spilled grain, well remember the Russell ad in Fur-Fish-Game and other publications....

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Bow & Arrow
p.14 June 2006 Gear Guide
By ?

Questions & Answers
Great Boots

After reading Joe Bell's column on still-hunting tips I ordered a set of Russell Bowhounter boots with the Plantation crepe sole. WOW!...

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For still-hunting, I enjoy using Russell Bowhunter boots with an ultra-soft-plantation crepe sole. I can sense every pebble under foot, and I can ease along rough country like a cat on the prowl. They are expensive, but they'll last you for years and years if properly care for. You can't beat them for sneaking up on game.

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