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The W.C. Russell Moccasin Company

Russell RidersTM

Motorcycle boots that fit... feel... and look great... made for walking AND riding.

You’ve already got the Harley... the leathers and the dew rag... now it’s time to complete the look with a pair of custom fitted, handsewn Russell Riders™... an exciting family of motorcycle boots that fit, feel and look good.Russell Riders™ are “made for walking”...not just for riding a motorcycle.

The Russell Moccasin Company, America’s premier boot maker, has been outfitting professional hunters and safari clients, outdoorsmen and women around the world for more than 100 years. So why, all of a sudden, is Russell producing motorcycle boots? Because such a high percentage of our hunting boot customers are also motorcycle enthusiasts. They told us they wanted the same comfort and lasting quality in their riding boots as they have come to know in their Russell field boots.

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John Kuehnel from Tennessee is shown here on his Harley Davidson Road King wearing the very first pair of Russell Riders™. (Click Picture to see larger image)

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In the fall of 2001, Russell customer John Kuehnel of Tennessee asked us to make him a special application boot for riding his Harley. Since making that first pair for John, and having filled several more special orders for boots just like his and then consulting some of our long-standing customers, a new family of motorcycle boots ...Russell Riders™...was born. The Russell Riders™ Daytona model is a 9-inch boot; the Russell Riders™Sturgis model is a 12-inch version. Both are pull-on boots featuring our unique easy-on/easy-off zipper running up the back spine. Side buckles and back zippers are made of corrosion resistant nickel.

BUY NOW! Click Here!The Russell Riders™12-inch Sturgis model is made from a supple, waterproof German Elk leather with leather lined uppers for greater strength and protection. Uppers on both boots are designed with snug ankle fit for support and protection. Made to measure only for a perfect fit. Standard on the Sturgis model is an oil resistant #430 Vibram sole and heel combined with a heavy duty leather midsole, providing a stiffer, more rigid feel. Either model can be ordered with a black Vibram Air Bob sole, a Silvato Neoprene sole with a beveled heel, or a black Vibram Montagna lug sole with leather midsole. The 4007 and #430 Vibram soles have separate heels which can be easily replaced when worn and can be fitted with extra lifts for additional heel height.

TheRussell Riders™ 9-inch high Daytona model is made in a combination of black waterproofed leathers. The lowers are fashioned from a rich, smooth finish Navigator leather that readily takes a shine. Uppers are made from waterproofed WeatherTuff leather, a premium leather that has proven itself on the world’s toughest mountains. The Daytona model comes with a standard oil resistant 4007 Neoprene Crepe sole with a 90 degree buildup heel with a 1/4” top lift.

Though Russell Riders™ differ from other motorcycle boots in many ways, what sets them apart is their unsurpassed comfort. While most motorcycle boots tend to be heavy and uncomfortable for walking, Russell Riders™provide moccasin-like walking the protection of a riding boot. When it’s time to take a break during your ride, you will find your Russell Riders™ are perfectly at home exploring the sidestreets, shops and restaurants along the way.

Russell Riders™ feature true moccasin construction. Russell Riders™' triple vamp construction puts three layers of premium quality leather under foot which literally molds to your foot for solid comfort. Our unique double moccasin bottom design features a hand molded outer sole that provides superior comfort and ultimate foot protection while riding. Sturdy uppers protect the crucial ankle area from abrasion. Both models are made with hard built-in leather heel counters. Heel counters prevent heel rollover and provide added protection from bruises.

Pictured here is Randy Iten and his new 2003 Harley-Davidson Heritage softtail.
Pictured here is Randy Iten and his new 2003 Harley Davidson Heritage softtail.

Long-time Russell Moccasin customer, Randy Iten, who already owns nine pairs of Russells, ranging from ostrich loafers to Safari PH’s to High Country Hunters to snakeproof Turkey Hunters to Hippo hide chukkas, recently took delivery of a new pair of Russell Rider Daytona boots. Randy is shown here on his new Harley Davidson Heritage Softail.

Randy comments on his Russell Riders:

“It looks like Russell has hit another home run...but this time for the motorcycle enthusiasts.”

“The Russell Riders’ neoprene crepe soles are perfect! When you come to a stop there is absolutely no foot sliding...they provide tremendous grip. I also really like the snug ankle fit of the uppers--it prevents wind from blowing up your leg. And I find the 10” height to be ideal for me. The ankle strap is a great idea as it allows you to adjust the tightness of the boot depending upon temperature. When it’s hot, you can loosen it. When it’s cooler, just tighten it up.”

“Right out of the box the Russell Riders were instantly comfortable. The neoprene sole and the build-up heel, the fit, the amount of protection and comfort they offer...I can’t think of one thing I would change.”

Randy, an experienced outdoorsman and avid hunter adds, “When properly maintained with the silicone and silicone polish Russell provides, the Russell Riders will be totally waterproof...just like my Russell hunting boots. That’s really a plus. What else can you ask for?”

Gray N. Thornton, Executive Director
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“My Russell Safari PH boots have performed flawlessly during numerous safaris from Arizona to Africa. My South 40 Birdshooters have performed equally well from the Carmen Mountains of Mexico to the quail fields of West Texas.

“Now the finest name in hunting footwear has created boots for my other passion…after a month of wearing my new Russell Riders “Daytona” boots both on and off the bike, I’m hooked! The fit and finish is classic and the moccasin like comfort helps us biker wannabes be “bad to the bone” mile after mile.

“Sorry Willie G., your boots are relegated to the back of the line - my Russell Riders ride with me from now on.”

-Gray N. Thornton, Executive Director
Dallas Safari Club
Gary “The Hammer” Holmgren, SPFD Captain, (retired), and 22-year veteran of the St. Paul, Minnesota Fire Department, pictured here on his Harley Davidson Road King Firefighter Special 911 Edition
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Gary “The Hammer” Holmgren, SPFD Captain, (retired), and 22-year veteran of the St. Paul, Minnesota Fire Department, pictured here on his Harley Davidson Road King Firefighter Special 911 Edition, (available only to professional firefighters), in memory of 911/New York.

Holmgren was a 5-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and professional boxer for many years. His Hammer’s Outpost Bar & Grill, located on the shores of the scenic St. Croix River in Prescott, WI, is a popular destination for hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts during the riding season. In this photo, Gary, a Russell Moccasin “Alpha” tester, is shown wearing an early version of the new Russell Riders Daytona.

Long-time Russell Moccasin customer, Randy Iten
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Russell Riders™ are resoleable at our factory. So if you are a real road warrior....ride a lot and tend to wear out the top of the toe piece or are hard on the will be glad to know thatRussell Riders™ can be quickly and easily repaired by our talented repair department. A pair of Russells are not like standard boots. They are designed and carefully handcrafted to provide a custom fit and many more years of enjoyable wear than any boot your have ever worn.

Russell specializes in outfitting the hard to fit. Russell Riders™ are available in any size... in any width... from a dainty 2-1/2 lady’s size up to 17-1/2 EEE men’s size.

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High Shine

The Daytona model (shown at right) features waterproof leathers, rich Navigator leather lowers that take a high shine, and durable WeatherTuff leather uppers. The Russell Riders ankle strap allows you to adjust the fit snugness...looser for hot weather, tighter for cooler weather.

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90 degree buildup heel... ideal for riding the pegs.

The Daytona model (shown at left - click image to enlarge) features a 90 degree buildup heel... ideal for riding the pegs.

Russell Riders™ are made from the finest materials available... the best waterproofed leathers... oil resistant soles... and with rust proof nickel buckles and zippers... assuring you of many, many years of riding and wearing comfort.

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