Woodcock TLC Birdshooter- $408.00 without additional options
Required Required

If additional options are wanted please select below:

Optional Soles
Toe Cap (add $53.00) Claw Air Bob Sole
(add $15.00)
4007 Neoprene Cushion Crepe
(add $9.50)
Speed Laces (NC) Montagna 3/8" Lug Sole
(add $21.00)
Christy Wedge Sole
(add $9.50)
Heel Counters (add $18.50) Roccia 1/4" Lug Sole
(add $21.00)
Standard Crepe Rubber Sole
(add $9.50)
Reinforced Upper Ankle Support
(add $50.00)
Kletterlift Sole
(add $9.50)
Vibram Sierra Sole
(add $9.50)
Pull Strap (add $9.50) Vibram Air Bob Sole
(add $9.50)
Vibram Olympia Sole
(add $21.00)
Steel Shank (add $10.00) 2060 Vibram Sole
(add $9.50)
Silvato Sole
(add $9.50)
Poron Slip Sole (add $11.60)

Men’s Oversizes
12-1/2-13 (+$9.00) 14-1/2-15 (+$21.00)
13-1/2-14 (+$11.50) 15-1/2-18 (+$41.00)

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