Retired Marine Lt. Col. Fred Cale, New Orleans, LA, started buying our custom made boots in 2006 when he was still on active duty with the U.S. Marines, stationed in Iraq. Fred is now retired and working for a private contractor in Afghanistan. This is his favorite pair of Mountain PH boots that he wore all over Iraq and Afghanistan, made for him in 2006. He sent them back to us for resoling – the first resoling they have needed. Fred had us design these so they were as close to “military” issue as we could get. Since then we have also made other pairs for him with the strap diagonally across the quarters which looks even more like “military” issue. This pair is his absolute favorite and he hated to give

Jim Carmichel“The Russell Chukka shoe is my standard go-to-work footwear and strangers in offices, malls restaurants and shooting ranges are forever tapping me on the shoulder and asking, ‘Hey mister, where do you get those good looking shoes?’ If you have a Russell Hall of Fame, I can donate a well-worn pair of your Safari boots, the soles of which are embedded with the thorns of many African adventures.”

-Jim Carmichel, Shooting Editor, Outdoor Life

"Ralph, My chukkas arrived today and I am well pleased. This 'ole Southern boy just wants to say Thanks for your help!"

- Robert Baird, Mississippi