“In most African hunting, you need little or no tread on a pair of boots. You need protection from thorns and occasional stones, but mostly you need footwear that is light, comfortable, quiet in grass and leaves, that allows you to wade through water, (which can be emptied easily), and which dries quickly,” said Wieland.

“The Kalahari Tracker was designed for exactly that. It affords you all the advantages of bare feet -- feel for the ground, silence, and a sure grip -- with the protection of boots. Its triple-leather soles repel thorns easily, and the special cushioning between the layers makes walking comfortable even on hard surfaces. Yet the sole is soft to allow your foot to feel the terrain and they are as comfortable and convenient as bedroom slippers.

“ It slips on and off effortlessly. Wade through a swamp in the morning, hang The Trackers from a tree while you have lunch, and they will be dry when it is time to go out again in the afternoon.

Wieland, after two season’s testing of the Kalahari Tracker, adds,

“Because they are light and compact, you can take two or even three pairs in your luggage. For the conditions found in the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert, and the thorn scrub of southern Africa, the Kalahari Tracker is not only all you need, it's the best for the job.”