"Thank you for the moccasins. I have an interesting story to tell you. My Mom and I have been wearing the same size shoe for over a year and when she found out that my moccasins had come in she immediately wanted to try them on. However, to her surprise she couldn't fit her foot inside the shoe, which I found to be quite funny at the time because it made me think of a modern day Cinderella story. The moccasins being the 'glass slippers' and me, of course, being Cinderella. Thanks again."

- Lauren McLemore

"I am sending you my Russell moccasins for a resole job. I should have sent them sooner but they are so handy, comfortable and nicely crafted. I would like them to be as close to new as possible without losing the glove-like fit. I've owned many brands of moccasins and yours are the finest of all."

- Steve Whiting

“My Oneida Saddle moccasins are perfect. They are the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. I can hardly wait to see what the Art Carter Chukkas I ordered will be like. It is nice to still have companies like yours which have an overriding concern of quality. Unfortunately the motto of most companies in the U.S. is do it fast and do it cheap. Keep up the good work.”

- Gregory C. Leighton

“I just love the Oneidas. They fit so well it’s almost like not wearing shoes. Thanks for a great product.”

- T. Cassel

“I just love my Hippo and WeatherTuff Oneidas. I wear them around the house and when driving. These are real moccasins! The soles don’t fall off after I have walked to the mailbox three or four times on the asphalt or if they get wet.”

- Randy Iten

“My father, who died in 1980 at age 85, had a pair of your Oneida moccasins that he wore for many years after he retired. The last time I saw him wearing them the outer sole was worn through but that didn’t seem to bother him. When he died my mother said that he wanted to be buried in his Oneidas. He almost got his wish--we laid them in his coffin before closing it.”

- Jim Tiffany, Perth, Western Australia

“The package arrived Friday and its contents were everything I expected--magnificent examples of handcrafted work. I can’t thank you enough for making them up for me. Please tell all who had a part in the building of the boots and the Oneidas what fine craftsmen they are. After 10 years waging war with cancer...and I am only 45...I’ve come to appreciate the good people I’ve been blessed to know. I count you among those special folks, Ralph.”

- Jerry Warrington