(A note from a man who owned a pair of Russell Turkey Hunters that were so badly worn they could not be repaired)

“Thanks for the reply. Please toss them...but if you would...say a few kind words as they are put to rest. Those boots have been involved in many timber cruises, turkey kills and dove shoots. Give them my best. Their spirit will be carried on in the new pair you are making for me.”

- Tony Michell

“Recently I wore my Russell Turkey Hunters on a plane from Virginia to New England where I knew it was raining and snowing. I knew I was going to be in a wet messy situation so I wore them the entire time. They are nice looking boots so in the airport and at meetings they didn’t look out of place. When I did get outdoors in the New England weather, my feet stayed dry and warm.”

- Jack Douglas

“My Russell Turkey Hunters saved my bacon when hunting turkeys in Texas...everything down there bites, sticks or pricks you when in the field.”

- Randy Iten

"I am the proud owner of two pairs of your very fine boots. In fact my snakeproof Turkey Hunters are snakeproof! I was hit by a 3-foot Copperhead on the back side of the left leg about 8" high. The strike did not penetrate the boot, in fact you can see where the strike was! Thank you.

I am going on a bicycle tour and need a lighter pair of moccasins. My Rockports and Timberland moccasins are much too heavy to carry on the back of a bicycle. What would a pair of your Oneida Moccasins weigh?

Thank you,

PS: My wife thanks you as well!"

-Gary H. Chapman

“My Russell made-to-measure boots arrived last week. I put them on and they are perfect. This is a first for me. Wow! I’ve been hunting the last three days in my new boots and cannot tell you how happy I am. I have such an awful time getting shoes and boots to fit, but no more. My Russell boots fit so well I am not conscious of having anything at all on my feet. Thanks for a great job. I am sure I will be ordering some shoes. Thanks so much.”

-Dick Veith

“I had expected short wearing periods would be necessary to “break in” my new Russell boots, but your boots do not need a breaking-in phase at all; the leather is so supple, so comfortable upon first wearing and the boots so well-fitting that these “new boots” feel like I have been sporting them for months on end already! They are really a terrific investment -- one I am glad I made and one that will provide me with continued pleasure.”

-Duane Zeman