"I just got my Safari PH boots back from you after resoling. I want to tell you that you did a great job. I had the Huez soles before but wanted something thicker. While at the Dallas Safari Club Show, Joe suggested the Newporter sole with a turkey hunter wedge. This is a winning combination. I love them. Don't be surprised if more people start ordering this sole combination."

Steve Yeich - Texas

"Thank you for repair Ray's shoes. It is so nice to find a shoe company that makes good quality and well fitting shoes."

Mrs. Ray Boone - WA

"I just received my resoled and reconditioned Zephyr boots and was anxious to see what improvement were made over the condition they were sent up. Wow. You delivered in a huge way. The soles looked like they did when they were new out of the box, and the leather felt so soft and supple. Makes me look forward to sending them back again. Thanks for the better than expected turn around, and exceptional customer service."

Mike Welch - Georgia

"I received my newly resoled and beloved moccasin yesterday and life as I know it is now much better. I have never enjoyed anything as much as I do these moccasins. Hopefully I can get it together to order something else soon. The product and service are both first rate and are much appreciated."

Bruvce Wiley - Oklahoma

“I received my resoled shoes back this wekk and really appreciate how you take care of your customers. This is one of the reasons I have seven paris of Russell Moccasin boots and shoes. Thanks again for your help.”

Ira B. 'Pep' Grimes III -- Georgia

“I recently received two pairs of Sporting Clays Chukkas, which I’d sent to you to be resoled.  (This is the second time for my “new pair” and the third time for my old pair!).  You resoled my shoes and returned them surprisingly quickly.  The new laces and Pecards Leather Lotion were a much appreciated bonus.  Thank you.”

Dante Drive -- Washington

Dear Sirs:
"The stitching on the left boot, (outside), is torn and needs repair. Also look over both boots and if you see something that needs repair do so. Also clean and refurbish. In addition, enclose a pair of bootlaces as I am having a hard time finding laces that are long enough. I would like to add that these boots are the best I have ever owned and well worth the money. As you can tell I do a lot of hunting and have walked many miles in several states and they have never failed me. Thanks for the excellent product. Looking forward to getting them back and enjoying many more years in them."

- Tom Wickus, Wisconsin

"Please repair the boots enclosed and return to the above address. if you find any other items that need repair, feel free to also repair them forme. I would like a complete overhaul. I have owned these boots for 10 years and have done nothing but use them to date. These are very cheap boots when you consider the abuse I have given them. Keep up the high standards."

- Kevin Cole, Georgia

"Enclosed is a pair of boots I purchased at the FNAWS Convention in 1992. They have been a wonderful investment and part of many hunts over the years. Since they were custom built for my wide feet and high arch, they have become my favorites. Please look them over and resole and repair them for me."

- Dan Earls, California

"I would like to resole my Russell Boots, please. I would like the Multipurpose sole...same sole as before. These boots are the finest I have owned."

- Ken Rowell, California

"I was extremely pleased to have the UPS man at my house today. I was not expecting to see him for at least another week or so. And then when I opened the box I must say I was actually shocked. I thought that you must have made a mistake and sent me someone else's new mocs. But then upon closer inspection I realized that those were in fact my moccasins. With the new soles. I realized that a person would be committing a sin if you simply took them to a regular shoe repair shop to have them resoled. A regular shoe repair could not possibly do justice to the Russell moc. My moccasins are just as good as new, and I mean NEW. Thank you so much for the excellent workmanship and fast service. Now if I could just save up enough for the Traveling Sportsman Chukka. If you ever get a pair of blems in a size 12 let me know. Thank you very much, I love my moccasins."

- Fred Schmidt

“I am 36 years old and have worked professionally out of doors my entire adult life. During that time I have exclusively worn Russell boots and would simply like to thank you for making the best boots in the world. Please clean, refurbish and resole the enclosed boots with the original type soles.”

- Mark Melvin

“I received my repaired boots last week and they look almost as good as new. I appreciate your repairing these boots and the quick return.”

- Tony McGrane

“I bought a pair of hunting boots from you folks over 15 years ago. I only wear them during the bird and deer season here in Maine. Sadly this last season I thought this is going to be their last year. So I went to your web site and lo and behold there was a section on repairs. What do I need to do and where should I send them? I’ve logged a lot of miles in these boots and think it is great that you can repair them.”

- Steve Mercer

(Follow-up Note from last testimonial)

“My boots just arrived. Beautiful job! Thanks for saving my hunting boots.
Russell boots are the best there is...my kids will be wearing Russell boots.”

- Steve Mercer

“Enclosed are my boots, ordered on July 8, 1993. These have been the best boots I have ever owned. Will you please resole and refurbish. And Lefty, in the event of a fire at your company, please have someone grab these boots. They are priceless!”

-R. Robert Rackley

“I want to thank you all for your fast, courteous, and patient service. My boots arrived Saturday and they were just what I wanted. They feel like a dream. Thanks again!”

-Charles T. Lamb