"Thanks to my Russell Sheep Hunter boots, this 55 year old hunter was able to successfully climb another mountain earlier this month in pursuit another trophy wild sheep. My first Sheep Hunters are 12 years old and have been on many mountains from Mexico to Canada. These are the only boots I have ever worn which fit perfectly. Thank you! These were not insulated so I ordered a pair of insulated Sheep Hunters for my recent trip to the Ogilvie Mountains in the YukonTerritory. I am so impressed by your quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. My feet stayed warm and were dry even after multiple stream crossings .While wearing Russell have never had a problem with steep slopes or loose shale. The ankle support is fantastic . Enclosed are some photos from my recent adventure. The old mountain monarch is a heavy 12 year old Fannin ram which I shot at 345 yards while hunting with Dan Reynolds in the Yukon. Many thanks for making such a practical high quality sheep hunting boot!

Dr. Peeler G Lacey - Mississippi

“I just wanted to give my testimonial to your great boots.  I ordered a pair of Grand Slam Sheep Hunter’s back in 2002.  I am a surveyor and “sometime hunting guide” when I have time in the fall.   I just ordered another pair after six years wearing my Russell's almost every day in all kinds of weather including mud, snow and everything else.  Being a surveyor and walking miles and miles my feet have never hurt since day one.  I just wanted to share my enjoyment of your boots and will wear nothing but Russell’s the rest of my life.  Thanks for being a great bunch of folks.”

Richard Jones -- Texas

“I received my Sheep Hunters and the fit is perfect. They are very comfortable and well made, just what I wanted.  This in my third pair of Russell's but not my last.  I will be getting my sons some Safari “PH's in the near future.  I am sorry for the trouble redoing these boots, but it was worth it to me because I am so pleased and you handled it so well.  You have a loyal customer and I will be praising you to many people.  Thank you very much.”

Steve Yeich

"These are the greatest boots I've ever owned! For over half a century I've bought boots off the shelf -- with a close eye on price. It was worst money I ever saved. From now on it's Russell's for me; and for anyone who asks my advice."

- Keith A. Goltz

"Just came back from the Chugach Range in Alaska with a nice Dall Sheep!. I wore your Sheep Hunters on this trip and after 3 hard days of climbing, I was extremely pleased. It rained almost constantly but the boots kept my feet dry.I have never experienced such steep slopes with scree rock and angular shale. The air bobs with the 3 vamp support gave me confidence as I "kept up" with my guide who must of had Mt. Goat genes!

I wish other manufacturers made hunting items to the same high standards as you do! Please confirm that my measurements are in your file as I want to order another pair.

Thanks for playing an important part in the success of my hunt!! God Bless American craftsmanship!!


- Joseph Polunc Jr.

“I currently own and wear seven pairs of Russells. My High Country Hunters are now 14 years old and have been resoled twice. You can’t wear the uppers out. I bought these in 1988 and they are still going strong. They just get better the older they get. I liked the first pair so well that I ordered a pair of insulated High Country Hunters to wear in colder conditions.”

-Randy Iten

“My new Russell High Country Hunter boots arrived today. What a great fit! I put them on right out of the box and walked around up in the mountains for an hour or two and can not believe the nice fit. I don’t want to take them off. The workmanship is outstanding. God Bless you and all who worked on my boots.”

Bob Lecher

“Enclosed is a pair of High Country Hunters. As you can see the soles are history. This is the second time they’ve been back to your factory for repairs and I am NOT in the least disappointed. I am just thrilled that the uppers have held together so well. I have never had a pair of boots last even one season before. These will be starting their third season this fall. I guide full time in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico so they spend about 180 days in the field. Thanks for a great product.”

- Chris Denham

“I recently lost my two pairs of specially made High Country Hunters in a fire and want to replace them. I had my feet measured at SCI in Reno to have the two pairs made. Hopefully you will still have all the info. They had the hard rubber wedge soles. I will pick them up at your booth at SCI this year.”

- Joof Lamprecht, Hunters Namibia Safaris

“I have hunted in the Scottish Highlands and the Austrian Alps, as well as in Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, plus most of the Western states in the U.S. in my Sheep Hunters, and they are extraordinary. Fabulous strength and support. Thank you for the excellence of your craftsmanship.”

- Bob Karel

“Working outside in all kinds of weather for the past 31 years and hunting for the last 40, I thought I knew and had great footwear. Let me tell you...I didn’t have anything that could compare to my new Russell Sheep Hunters. I just returned from a nine day elk and deer hunt in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, of which seven days it was either raining, sleeting or snowing. Riding horses, climbing mountains and walking through creeks had no affect on these boots. In fact, after about the fourth day my guide and the other hunters in camp were completely amazed that I had dry, warm feet. By the end of the hunt they were all sold on my Russells and so convinced that they are all looking to buy a pair. I guess their wet and cold feet all week was just too much. It was a true test of the quality of your boots. They came through with flying colors. Congratulations on such an outstanding product.”

- Ben Dorward

“The Sheep Hunters are great! Just returned from a 21-day Yukon hunt for sheep, caribou and moose and the only shoes I had were your Sheep Hunters. I crossed rivers, marshes, bogs and mountains with lots of horse work---they held up well and were good for treacherous hillsides.”

- Hobson Reynolds

“Thank you very much for the quick repair job on my boots. As I was clunking around the woods on the job (Forest Service) in my heavy, ungainly Whites, I was wishing I had my Russell High Country Hunters on my feet instead. It was nice to finish the work week in my favorite working and hunting boots.”

- Barry Wynsma

“I got my Sheep Hunters in time for my trip and I appreciate your efforts. After I left, my trip took an unexpected turn. I ended up wearing my new Sheep Hunters on a charter sailboat for five days on Lake Superior. Though I haven’t had a chance to wear them hunting yet, I can tell you from experience that they make great deck shoes. The Sheep Hunters proved to be warm, stable and dry ‘boat shoes’.”

- Bruce Niendorf

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for making, in my opinion, the best boots that I have ever worn. In my line of work I have gone through many boots and brands. Nothing that I have worn withstands the elements as well as Russell Sheep Hunters.”

- Chris Powell

“Upon receiving my Russell Sheep Hunters I started wearing them immediately, without breaking them in. After guiding several sheep hunters so far and experiencing the performance of these boots, not only will I continue to wear them but I'm sure my clients will also.”

-Elvin Hawkins, outfitter and guide

“I just returned from a bear hunt and this will go on record as my first hunt that wasn't somehow compromised by my boots. The Russell Sheep Hunters were comfortable and reliable. I hunted for days in several inches of snow and never had wet or cold feet. The level of ankle support your boot provides in mountainous terrain is unparalleled in the foot wear community. I was told about your boots by one of your long time customers. I couldn't quite fathom what we was talking about when he told me how great your boots were. Now I know, and have already begun telling everyone I know about your wonderful products.”

-Kirk Leister

“In over 38 years of hunting, (mainly here in Arizona where the terrain can easily destroy any type of boot), the Sheep Hunter boots are by far the absolute best. I really enjoy them. They not only are rugged enough for Southern Arizona but fit perfectly. Thanks for continuing to produce such fine products.”

-Michael Owens

“As you can see my boots are in need of repair. Please replace the soles with the Claws Air Bob soles with the cleats around the edge. I have owned a lot of different items throughout the years that have made my days afield more enjoyable but these boots have made more wet days into great days than I can recall. These are the best I could ever hope for.”

-Robert Stephenson

“My Sheep Hunters are the best footwear I have ever worn in the mountains. I have logged about 50 miles bow hunting for elk in extremely rugged terrain at elevations up to 12,500 feet since I began wearing them. I have never had so much as a red mark on my feet; lots of steep climbing up and down in rock screes and high angle mountainsides. The boots stood up to wet terrain, high wet grass and a two hundred yard slog through ankle deep water. They remained dry through three days of very wet hunting. You folks at Russell are doing a great job and producing a remarkably superior boot.”

-Phil Eastley

“This past September I went on a Stone Sheep and Mountain Goat hunt. At one point my Russell Sheep Hunters served to keep my out of serious trouble. When we were climbing to get into position for a shot at my ram, we had to step off a ledge onto a slick rock face that led to a 50-foot waterfall drop. My boots held traction and I was able to make my way up the slick rock face, out of danger. Another hunter who was climbing with us, however, slipped on the slick rock and slid to the edge of the 50-foot cliff, arresting himself at the last moment on the only rock he could have caught before going over the edge. The guides and I were able to rig up a rope sling and pull him up off the cliff to safety. My wife was pleased to hear that it was not I who had almost gone over the cliff.”

-Charles Walcott

“I’ve owned a pair of High Country Hunters for two years. In this time span they have been worn almost daily and have really been put to the test. The performance of this footwear has been impressive. The Weather Tuff leather is really remarkable. On a recent canoe trip these boots were subjected to a day long rain, slogging over rain-soaked portages with slippery rocks and tree roots, standing in water to load and unload canoes, walking through mud puddles on trails, plus the rain water draining off my rain pants. At the end of the day my socks were dry and my feet were warm, Others in the group, with Gore Tex lined leather and fabric footwear, got wet feet. Also, the Air Bob soles were very trustworthy on slippery surfaces.”

-Ed Gatzke

"I purchased a pair of Sheep Hunter boots last year and wore them hunting both Stone Sheep and Big Horns. They are the best sheep hunting boots I've ever owned. I've had a fair bit of sheep hunting experience. I've bow hunted sheep every year for the past 26 years., and I've had a lot of experience with expensive hunting boots. Your boots are the best."

-Frank Glampa

“I just returned from an extremely difficult 2-1/2 weeks of sheep hunting in the MacKenzie Mountains, during which time I wore your Sheep Hunters. I now realize how important your boots and your feet are as hunting associates and guides experienced significant problems. During the hunt, between the guides and the clients, two pairs of very expensive Danner boots failed, plus one pair of Rocky’s along with a pair of Timberlands that separated at the sole and had to be duck taped back together so the hunter could continue with the hunt. The two pairs of Russells in camp, performed extremely well under adverse conditions. They provided good grip on rugged terrain, excellent ankle support and dry foot comfort as we walked through streams. Needless to say I am glad I chose Russells and wanted you to hear the good news, as so often people only take time to complain. Thanks for an excellent product.”

-George Kraft

“After 18 months hunting in your High Country Hunter boots I wanted to tell you about their performance. I have worn the boots from Maine to California, from the Yukon to Mexico, all with the same spectacular success. I hunted British Columbia on horseback for most of September, where the terrain made it more practical to lead the horses rather than ride them. Northern B.C. is an endless swamp, punctuated by rocks, mountains and occasional dry places. One day I walked 17 miles through water, tundra and broken rocks, leading a pack string. My feet came through the trip, not only dry, but without any damage or excessive fatigue. At first I thought the High Country Hunter’s high tops were frivolous, but after crossing a dozen or more shallow rivers with dry feet-- I am a believer. As they stand, they are the best hunting boot I have ever worn.”

-Ross Seyfried, Contributing Editor, Rifle and Rifle Hunting

"I received my boots February 24th and I am very pleased with them. They are perfect in every way. I wish I could have had them 50 years ago. I would have bought a pair if I could have found them. I looked everywhere I could think of but nobody knew anything about them. If I had had them last year I wouldn't have fallen on the ice and had to have had seven stitches in my head. Thanks again."

-Elwell Leach

“I want to order one more pair of Russell Sheep Hunters. I have been guiding and hunting exclusively with Russell’s for the past eight years and eight of the last 10 years I have taken one of the top three spots at FNAWS in the Desert Sheep category. If you ever need any pictures I have hundreds of them. I’m not offering my pictures for any other reason than I appreciate your boots and your service. Thanks a million!”

-Rick Jones, Outfitter & Guide