"Ralph, My chukkas arrived today and I am well pleased. This 'ole Southern boy just wants to say Thanks for your help!"

- Eric Burr - Washington

(We think you just did, Eric, thank you!)

"My order arrived on August 11, '04, as anticipated in the e-mail you sent. They fit perfectly and your workmanship is flawless, as usual. My wife continues to enjoy her Art Carter Chukkas also and is increasingly favoring them over her plastic, made-in-China trail shoes. Thank you for providing the opportunity to buy top quality footwear! Please let me know if I can help your efforts in any way."

- Robert Baird, Mississippi

“I want to say how terrific my Art Carter Traveling Sportsman Chukkas are. They are as close to perfect as can be. Also, my boat shoes which I have had for eight years and which you have resoled once. No one makes moccasins like you do.”

- Carl Kline

“I just came back from a long walk in my new Art Carters. I want you to know that they are comfortable and I am so pleased with the craftsmanship. Thanks for your kind attention. Until the next pair --”

- Craig Landy

“I bought my first pair of Russell boots back in 1970 at Marshall Fields in Chicago. That was back when the 7th floor was the sporting goods department and you were greeted by a huge stuffed Kodiak bear and other large animals as you exited the elevator. Boy, those were the days! Since I have had the pleasure to own, and still wear, a pair of your moccasins, Cavaliers, South 40’s and now a brand new pair of Art Carter Chukkas. After I had worn the Art Carter’s for a couple days they naturally took on the shape of my feet. Now they’ve become, like all my other Russells, ‘good friends of my feet.’ You will surely hear from me again.”

- Robert W. Smith

“I am a fishing manager with the Orvis Company. I bought a pair of Russell’s Art Carter Traveling Sportsman Chukkas four years ago. These babies are the best shoes I have ever worn. I have worn them every day since and they have held up superbly and I am so happy that you made them so well. Thank you for doing such a great job.”

- Cary R. Greene - Orvis, Inc.

“Love those Art Carters. They feel like I was born in them. Love the oxfords; love the moccasins. But if I had to pick only one pair of shoes to wear the rest of my life, it would be those Art Carters. Man, what a boot!”

-Rodger Barnes

“I recently purchased a pair of Art Carter Traveling Sportsmans and they are absolutely great. The fit, craftsmanship and style are even better than advertised. In addition, I requested rush service and they came in right on time. I live and work in Columbia, (a rugged environment to say the least), and I am sure that I finally found the right company for my needs."

-Bill Oliphant