“Here is a photo of a buck I took in South Texas last fall while wearing my Russell snake proof Turkey Hunter boots.  I want you know that I have been wearing these Russell snake boots for the past 5 years.  I actually live in these boots for eight (8) months out of the year!  These snake boots have turned  many different types of cactus spines from my legs, thorns, and one snake bite in 2006 while quail hunting in Mexico.  I can truly say,"I trust my life with my Russell Moccasin boots...where ever Tex Mex Outdoors travels throughout the world.  Thank you for building the greatest boot on the market and in the world.  I also wear Russell Sheep Hunter boots which are excellent for wearing in the hills of Missouri.  Thanks for building a great boot.”  

Jim Miller, Host TEX-MEX Outdoors
Host:  Tex Mex Outdoors

"I bought a pair of Russell Turkey Hunters back in 1993, (15 years ago), if I remember correctly . They have been Turkey Hunting in Texas for Rio Grandesout West for Merriam's and at home in Wisconsin for Eastern's and in Florida for Osceola's. I've taken 36 Wild Turkeys to date and my North American Grand Slam is completed, all while wearing these Russell Turkey Hunters. The boots still perform well after all these years and get you where you need to be . The only thing they will not do is shoot for you."
Randy Iten with an Eastern Tom, 24 lbs. 11 inch Beard 1 Inch Spurs. May 2008.

“I purchased a pair of Russell snake proof Turkey Hunter boots over 10 years ago and they are my favorite turkey hunting boots plus I'm still wearing them. I like the custom fit option because your feet are important to your success when hunting.  I only put my trust in the best gear and Russell boots have the best fit, quality and workmanship I have found. Thanks for great boots that really work.”

Mike Ingold, Hunting & Outdoor Gear Specialist - North Carolina

“Just a short followup concerning our antelope hunt in Colorado.  This was a brutal hunt  with the temperature 107 degrees on Monday, 105 on Tuesday, 105 on Wednesday and on Thursday, a cold front moved through and temperatures went down to 101 degrees.  With the extreme heat I always wear my snake boots in snake country!  Your competitor’s boots would always make my feet and legs sweat and I would get blisters in extreme heat while hunting.  NOT SO WITH MY RUSSELL'S!  I wore my Russell Turkey Boots every day for 14 to 16 hours in this heat and never had a heat blister.  Let’s be honest...if your feet are hurting your hunt is miserable.  This did not happen on this hunt.  Thank you for building a great boot!”

Jim Miller, Host, Great Southwest Outdoors TV Show -- Texas

“I just want you to know that I received my Russell Turtleskin Turkey Hunters about a week ago.  I love them!  I have been wearing them around to break them in.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate them.”

Lance Lowery, Professional Turkey Caller and Guide -- Alabama

"In February, 2005, I ordered my first pair of Russell boots while attending the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, TN. After much thought and deliberation I decided on the Ultra-Lite Turkey Hunter. A few weeks later I received my order acknowledgement in the mail stating that the boots would be shipped on April 12. I called your company and informed the staff that I had a Texas turkey hunt planned for the weekend of March 26 and they went absolutely above and beyond the 'call of duty' to accelerate the shipping date to ensure that my boots were available to me for the Texas hunt.

"My new Russell boots arrived on March 24 and I was elated to discover that the boots were the best fitting boot that I have ever owned. I must admit that I was at first a little skeptical after reading your web site and hearing the reviews about Russell boots. I thought, 'Can one pair of boots be that much better than another?' After wearing my Russell boots for one afternoon the answer was quite obvious. 'Hell yes! Russell boots are that much better.'

"During my Texas turkey hunt I watched as my Russell boots transformed from a new toy into a trusted friend. Now, I would not think of wearing any other boot while turkey hunting. Owning a pair of Russell boots has made my other pairs obsolete. In fact, I slipped on a competitor's boot last week to wear out to my farm and it could not compare with the comfort and fit of the Russell boots. I look forward to owning several more pairs of Russell boots in the near future. Please feel free to use this letter in the testimonial section of your web site. I would welcome its inclusion."

- Dalton D. Dowdy, Georgia

Dear Russell,
"Thought I’d share with you a picture of your boots properly displayed in the field. Use it as you may like. Thanks and good hunting."

- John Wenze

(A note from a man who owned a pair of Russell Turkey Hunters that were so badly worn they could not be repaired)

“Thanks for the reply. Please toss them...but if you would...say a few kind words as they are put to rest. Those boots have been involved in many timber cruises, turkey kills and dove shoots. Give them my best. Their spirit will be carried on in the new pair you are making for me.”

- Tony Michell

“Recently I wore my Russell Turkey Hunters on a plane from Virginia to New England where I knew it was raining and snowing. I knew I was going to be in a wet messy situation so I wore them the entire time. They are nice looking boots so in the airport and at meetings they didn’t look out of place. When I did get outdoors in the New England weather, my feet stayed dry and warm.”

- Jack Douglas

“My Russell Turkey Hunters saved my bacon when hunting turkeys in Texas...everything down there bites, sticks or pricks you when in the field.”

- Randy Iten

“My Russell made-to-measure boots arrived last week. I put them on and they are perfect. This is a first for me. Wow! I’ve been hunting the last three days in my new boots and cannot tell you how happy I am. I have such an awful time getting shoes and boots to fit, but no more. My Russell boots fit so well I am not conscious of having anything at all on my feet. Thanks for a great job. I am sure I will be ordering some shoes. Thanks so much.”

- Dick Veith

“I had expected short wearing periods would be necessary to “break in” my new Russell boots, but your boots do not need a breaking-in phase at all; the leather is so supple, so comfortable upon first wearing and the boots so well-fitting that these “new boots” feel like I have been sporting them for months on end already! They are really a terrific investment -- one I am glad I made and one that will provide me with continued pleasure.”

- Duane Zeman

"I am the proud owner of two pairs of your very fine boots. In fact my snakeproof Turkey Hunters are snakeproof! I was hit by a 3-foot Copperhead on the back side of the left leg about 8" high. The strike did not penetrate the boot, in fact you can see where the strike was! Thank you. I am going on a bicycle tour and need a lighter pair of moccasins. My Rockports and Timberland moccasins are much too heavy to carry on the back of a bicycle. What would a pair of your Oneida Moccasins weigh?

Thank you,

PS: My wife thanks you as well!"

- Gary H. Chapman