Custom Options

Turtle Skin Lined Uppers $40.00 (Entire Boot $70)

turtleskin-fabric.jpgMany Russell styles can be lined with snakeproof, thornproof Turtleskin SnakeArmor or ThornArmor. Turtleskin, an aramid fiber material about the thickness of two sheets of paper will stop thorns and snake bites cold. The Russell Ultra-Lite Turkey Hunter boot is fully lined with SnakeArmor and is certified snakeproof. For thorn protection you can order a slip sole of ThornArmor to be added to any of our popular Safari “PH” boots or you can order a fully lined Thormproof Safari “PH”.

poron-insertsm.jpgPoron Insert $21.00

If you have "tender feet" and like more cushioning underfoot specify our new high densitry Poron technical insert slip sole. This can be inserted between the vamps of any double vamp, triple vamp or double moccasin boot or shoe to absorb shock and soften up hard terrain.

Optional Soles

russell-shoe-options.gifWhile you may have any sole you wish on most any model of Russell boots and shoes, we invite you to visit our custom sole department to explore your many options.
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Heel Counters $40.00

heelcountersm.jpgHeel counters provide added support and stability for hilly terrain. They also prevent walkover at the heel area. If counters are not specified in the Russell boot or shoe you intend to order, you can add them to almost any of our models as an option. If you have a tendency to walk over your shoes and boots, or plan on hunting in steep, hilly terrain, heel counters are highly recommended.


Double Vamp $80.00

doublevampsm.jpgWe are often asked, “What does double vamp mean?” Simply put, the vamp of a Russell Moccasin boot or shoe is the leather that surrounds and cradles your foot. A single vamp means one layer of leather, completely around and under your foot. A double vamp means two layers of leather surround your foot. Double vamp construction is employed for two reasons, (1) for improved waterproofness, (Russell’s double vamp true moccasin construction blocks water passage through all needle holes and seams), and (2) for added foot support and stoutness in boots or shoes designed for heavier duty applications.

Many Russell boots and shoes, those intended for heavy duty applications where waterproofness is imperative, including the South 40 Birdshooter, High Country Hunter, Sheep Hunter, TLC, Art Carter Traveling Sportsman, Judy’s Boot, Snake Boot, Imperial and Turkey Hunter, are all built with this double vamp construction.

You may specify “double vamp construction” on most Russell models that do not already come that way if you desire a stouter, more waterproof boot or shoe. This option must be requested at the time of order.

Reinforced Upper Ankle Support $65.00

anklesupportsm.gifIf you have weak or injured ankles, Russell’s Reinforced Upper Ankle Support may be a good option. Another layer of heavy leather is molded to the interior of the boot during construction, providing an extra measure of stiffness.


Thinsulate Insulation: 200 gram - $40.00 / 200 gram foot only - $30.00 / 400 gram - $47.00 / 400 gram foot only - $38.00

thinslipsolesm.gifFor cold weather applications, Russell offers lightweight Thinsulate insulation as an option on all boots and most shoe models. 400 gram Thinsulate is the warmest and then 200. The 200 and 400 gram Thinsulate adds very little weight or bulk to boots or shoes. For an even warmer boot, (In triple vamp boots only), you can optionally include a 400 gram slip sole between the second and third vamps for $6.00 extra.

Pull Strap $15.00

pullloopsm.gifFor easy on and off you can add a pull strap to the backstay of Russell boots and shoes on those models not offering it as a standard feature.


Army Studs $14.00

armystudsm.gifFor quick and easy lacing of Russell boots you can add Army Studs to any model not already equipped with them. These are heavy duty solid brass studs that will not bend or collapse. Standard on high Country Hunter, Sheep Hunter, TLC and Turkey Hunter boots. A real time saver and worthwhile option. Studs are normally placed in the top 1/3rd of the eyelets only. Can be added after boots are made.

Speed Laces $15.00

speedlacessm.gifSpeed Lace loops can be added to any boot or shoe as well, The loops allow you to open the gusset for easy on and easy off, without pulling the laces out of the loops. To lace up, simply pull the laces tight. Another great time saver when you’re in a hurry. Speed laces must be specified at the time of order.

Leather Lined Uppers $25.00

insidelined.gifWhen ordering your boots, if you desire a bit more internal ankle support for tough going, you can specify Aqua Tan leather lined uppers as an option. Aqua Tan leather is a soft silicone tanned leather that adds additional waterproofness as well. Many mountain hunters order their Sheep Hunter and High Country Hunter boots made with insulated lowers, (foot), and leather lined uppers, providing the best of all worlds...warmth and added support.


Steel Shank $15.00

steel-shank.jpgIf you want a stiffer, less flexible sole, you can add a sturdy steel shank to most boots and shoes. A steel shank with prevent foot bridging, (excessive bending between the heel and ball), which lessens foot fatigue. A steel shank is standard on our best selling Sheep Hunter.

Oversize Charges

lastssm.gifAt Russell we say, “You name it...we’ll make it.” And this is a true statement as we can make just about anything you might want in a moccasin style shoe or boot fashioned from the very best leathers money can buy. Not long ago we made a pair of dainty size 2-1/2 South 40 Birdshooters for a lady from Texas. We also made a special pair of size 17EEE boots for a former NFL football player. However, when we get into “Oversize” shoes and boots, we need to charge a bit extra as these require specially made lasts. See extra charges below.

Men’s Oversizes
12-1/2 to 13 - $9.50
13-1/2 to 14 - $12.00
14-1/2 to 15 - $22.00
15 1/2 to 18 - $43.00