Oneida Slip-On Moccasin

The Russell Oneida has been continuously produced sine the early 1900's and during World War II was purchased by the U.S. Government for workers producing Dirigible Balloons. The smooth but tough molded leather outsoles prevented any tears in the fabric as the balloons were produced.

It makes a wonderful driving moccasin. Ten ounce Bullhide leather outersole gives ample protection from small stones. A great moccasin to slip on after a day in the field. Also can be used for stalking with bow and arrow. Factory resoleable.

Our Double moccasin and Triple vamp boots run long. We suggest ordering 1/2 size shorter than normal length when ordering from stock.

Custom Made Only.

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Oneida Slip-On Moccasin

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Oneida Slip-On Moccasin