Wyman Boot

Wyman Meinzer is a hunter and trapper born and raised in the sweeping ranch lands of Texas who turned his keen eye for game into a storied career as a wildlife and outdoor photographer. He truly represents an all American frontiersman. He’s such a legend that the state of Texas created the title “State Photographer” and bestowed it, indefinitely, upon Meinzer in 1997. Wyman has been wearing Russell boots for 32 years. In 2017/2018 we thought it was time to name the boot he has so dutiful ordered over the past years after him! Here is Wyman's review after getting his latest pair of boots:

Here is W.C. Russell's latest "Meinzer" style of boot and I really like it! Typical of Russell's stitching, it is damn tight and as you can see in the accompanying photos, able to withstand the toughest workout for years to come. I can vouch for them as I am on my 13th pair in 32 years, and in that time, I wear them almost every day of the year. The single layer leather 15 inch tops are wonderful support for the ankles, something I really need since virtually destroying the ligaments in my right ankle during a pickup game in basketball while in college. Also, the tops are virtually impervious to thorns, as long as you don't just make a concerted effort to see what thorns might penetrate the leather. Personally, I have walked many miles through prickly pear and never had a puncture through them. Russell has also included an extra inch of front tongue above the tops for a little more shin protection. What I think will be a real plus is they have reduced the army quick lace studs from eight to a side to six to each side. I believe that this will reduce the amount of "slip outs" when trudging through acacia and briars.
Another cool addition is they are putting the RM brand on the back and at the top of the 15 inch uppers, this being the only style of boot they are branding like this! Now that is really neat!

The Wyman boot is 15 inches high, made out of red maple oil tan leather, double vamp construction, treated oak leather midsole with turkey wedge and Vibram Sierra sole. Poron slip sole is added for cushion comfort along with a turtleskin slip sole to prevent thorns from coming up thorough the sole. Quick lacing studs, RM logo on back. This boot is soled as shown.

Custom Made Only.


Wyman Boot

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Wyman Boot