Your Game Hides

Boots and Shoes From Your Game Hides
Kanga Tabac Ostrich
Cognac Ostrich
Saddle Ostrich
Black Ostrich
Buttercup Ostrich
Antique Saddle Ostrich
Cognac Elephant
Chocolate Elephant
Grey Elephant
Cognac Alligator
Chocolate Alligator
Black Alligator
Brown Hippo
Black Hippo
A Russell customer had two pairs of custom 0-71 Loafers made using his cognac Cape Buffalo leather in combination with black ostrich on one pair and chocolate alligator on the other.

Many game hides make up into beautiful shoes and boots. Some, such as Elephant and Rhino, are extremely durable. Russell Moccasin’s Custom Shop can fashion any boots or shoes shown on our web site or in our catalog out of your game hide leathers. Many of our customers send us their own Ostrich, Elephant, Alligator, Crocodile, Hippo, Rhino and Cape Buffalo hides to have shoes and boots made from their own hides.

We request that you send us a small cutting of the actual tanned leather for inspection prior to sending your entire hides to us. Some leathers, if too thick or too stiff do not make up well so it is best to allow us to see your leather before sending hides to us.

The average pair of triple vamp boots will require approximately six to eight square feet of leather. A pair of shoes will take about four to five square feet. Leather not used in making your shoes or boots will be returned to you.

Even though we will make your boots and shoes out of game hide leather you have supplied to us, custom boots and shoes from your hides are invoiced at the retail cost of the catalog item you order. Meaning, if you order a pair of Art Carter Traveling Sportsman Chukkas made from your supplied leather, the cost to you would be $331.00, as working with game hide leather requires special attention.