Vibram Aspen Gumlite

The Aspen Gumlite is a fan favorite at Russell Moccasin. Lightweight with just the right amount of traction, the Aspen works in a broad range of environments. This sole is a gumlite compound which is softer than the hard rubber found in the Roccia.

Vibram 2060

The 2060 is a similar gumlite compound to the Aspen, but is slightly softer. The 2060 is a thick, yet lightweight cavity wedge sole. It is an excellent choice for work and daily wear.

Vibram Oxford

The Oxford is the same gumlite compound found in the Aspen. It has very fine tread that makes it a good application for flat ground where mud can be a problem. It makes a great daily wear and plantation hunting sole.

Vibram Roccia

The Roccia is one of Vibram's oldest patterns and we have used it since the mid 1900's. It is a hard, yet flexible compound that has excellent wear life. Perfect for mid-elevation hiking and hunting, the Roccia is seldom a bad choice.

Vibram Sierra

The Sierra is a highly aggressive, long wearing outsole that performs well in mid to high elevations. We couple this sole with a rockered wedge that supports the midfoot for traversing scree fields.

Vibram Air Bob

The Air Bob is a unique compound that has arguably the longest wear life of any of our soles and grips well in wet conditions. The small air-filled nobs provide excellent traction in a variety of terrains. Be mindful that this sole adds significant weight.

Vibram Newporter

The Newporter is attached without a wedge to models such as the PH for a zero drop barefoot feel. The compound is fairly soft and can wear quickly on hard surfaces such as concrete. Its best use is for stalking hunts where maximum ground feel is required.

Vibram 360

Our standard sole for the PH line, the 360 has an excellent combination of traction and durability. We use this sole in combination with a heel lift for extra cushion and extended wear life.


The Dainite is a British made dress sole that we use in combination with a stacked leather heel. For daily wear and plantation hunts this sole is a classic.