Russell Size Guide

Choosing a size is a hard task, especially over the internet. We have put together the following guide to help simplify this process and provide some clarity on the fit of our products. In addition, we will be scheduling in person fitting events throughout the year to help you find the perfect size. These events will be announced in the email newsletter.

As a general rule, Russells tend to run large. Typically customers order 1/2 to 1 full size smaller than your U.S. size as measured on a Brannock Device. A Brannock device is the metal foot measuring tool that can be found at any local shoe store. Knowing this measurement is a helpful standard as each footwear company has a different last shape. Most customers try a half size down from Brannock first.

Remember, all in-stock boots and shoes are returnable, so you can swap them out for a different size.

We highly recommend all customers find their Russell size by trying on a similar pair of in-stock boots or shoes before ordering a Made-To-Order pair.

Adjustment Tips:

Stand up when trying on a new pair. Your feet will spread when you stand and this will give you a more accurate idea of the fit.

The laces and buckle straps on a Russell are 100% functional. Making sure to tighten down the lacing, especially over the instep, or the buckle strap on a Zephyr, helps pull your heel into the heel pocket and prevents side-to-side movement.

Your toe should be between 1/2" to 1/4" from the end of the boot or shoe. This is typically just inside the handsewn toe seam if you lift your toe up.

"I like the width, but the shoe is too long." If this is a problem you have encountered, the best solution is to go down 1/2 size and choose an E width. This will decrease the length, while keeping the width essentially the same.

Each full size is a difference of 1/3 of an inch. So a half size really only changes the fit by slightly more than 1/8" in length. Knowing this can help when deciding which size to adjust to. 

Our Lasts:

We use two lasts at Russell: The 40 Last and the 77 Last. Knowing the shape and purpose of our lasts (the form that the boot is made around) can help you understand how to fine tune your fit. In the same size, the length of these lasts will be the same. Where they vary is in overall volume and toe box shape. While most people can wear the same size in either, we do have customers that order different sizes for boots vs shoes.

The 40 Last:

  • More rounded, wider toe box
  • Designed to hug your instep
  • More volume overall to accommodate full thickness socks

The 40 last is our boot last. Any products listed in the Boots section of the website are made on this last. While the last is the same (and therefore the internal volume of the foot area is the same), a lace up boot will be more forgiving in fit than a pull-on like a Cavalier or Zephyr. In addition, the fit may feel different initially in single vs double vs triple vamp configuration. This is because it takes longer for a Double or Triple vamp to mold from the last shape to the shape of your foot.

The 77 Last:

  • Tapered toe box
  • Less volume that the 40 Last to accommodate light socks

The 77 Last is used on all footwear in the Shoes category of the website. This last is designed for Single Vamp footwear that will more easily mold to your feet. Because of this, the profile has a more tapered toe box than the 40 Last.