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South 40 Bird Shooter - 11 / D


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jack cheng
Believe the hype.

I'm a person who generally doesn't believe in everything that others say and I've got the scars to prove it. Got problems with my feet and have a hard time finding boots that fit comfortably. Website says that these boots won't fix my foot problems. Sure (If anyone tells you they can over an internet site with some magical shoes, they're lying). Took a chance on these boots cause of how they're made and where they're made and I am glad that I did. Was worried about the fit at first (don't like ordering shoes over the internet without an opportunity to fit them) and was a bit suspicious of the measuring app. But the measuring app did its job perfectly. Now, I know my size and I've ordered another pair. I'm still waiting for the anniversary edition of the bird shooters to come available in my size so I can grab another pair. I've found my boot and my boot company.
I had a tiny issue with getting the free shipping. It says I got it, but when the bill came out, I still got charged for it. Turns out, couldn't understand how the whole thing worked (you have to subscribe to their emailing service first or something - which I don't totally love). When I asked customer service about it, they didn't come back with anything for me. No solutions, fixes or resolutions. Just told me I should have subscribed. No offer to fix or credit. Oh well. Still love the boots and it didn't stop me from ordering another pair. When the anniversary editions come back in stock, it won't stop me from ordering that pair either. If you're still wondering about whether to pull the trigger on a pair or not, I would say to save up your pennies and go for it. The difference in maintaining your energy throughout the day can significantly be attributed to good, comfortable reliable footwear. I didn't have any break-in period and these boots were amazing right off the bat. Very pleasantly surprised.
Honestly thought that I would be able to criticize these boots and attribute all the reviews to just plain hype - at the end of the day, I'm glad that it wasn't hyped at all. These are possibly the most comfortable boots I have in my collection.

Todd E. Whiddon
Everyday Boot

Love the boots….. great look and comfortable fit. Doesn’t get any better than this. Maybe a Zephyr II. LOL

james streib
South 40 Bird Shooter

Great boots. Comfortable. A bit lighter but reminiscent of my high country hunters that I have had since 1994.

Richard Edgecomb
Best Boots Ever!

I purchased a pair of these South 40 Bird Shooter Boots 10+ years ago. The materials and quality of manufacture are excellent. I have worn them camping, fishing, and hunting all over Texas, Northern Arizona, Northern New Mexico, and all over Colorado. They are still in great condition although the soles are showing some wear. I had my feet measured by Russell employees at the Dallas Safari Club Convention, my boots fit perfectly and required very little break-in. I am very pleased with my purchase.

John Thompson Thompson
Comfortable, well made, high enough to help keep out the ticks.

I had been looking for some time for a new pair of hunting boots that were higher than the ankle high boots that seem to be the only ones most stores offer. A quail hunting friend told me about his Russells and I was able to find a pair in their inventory that fit. I must admit that I was nervous about tracing my foot and perhaps making a mistake on a custom boot order, so I was really happy to find a pair that I could try on and, if necessary, send back. They are perfect.