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B-52 Loafer Classic Build - 6 / D


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David Peterson
B-52 pair just landed at my house.

Perfect fit. Size based on my previous Russells dating back about 40 years. Still wearing those boots! Also, I prefer buying "Made in Wisconsin" when possible.

Kyle M
Better Than Advertised

I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about a pair of shoes! Getting a new pair of Russell's is Christmas morning for a shoe aficionado. Please understand, these loafers defy description. The leather is supple and yet thicker than any other shoe I've ever purchased. The fit is sublime - right out of the box. I can't even imagine how good they'll feel once they're broken in. With some care and maintenance, my grandkids will be fighting over who gets my B-52's.
I've spent money on good shoes before, but these are in another category altogether. Plenty of pricey shoes are "all hat and no cattle." Rarely is anything better than advertised. These Russell loafers certainly are. If you're on the fence and wondering if any shoe is worth this kind of money? Do yourself a favor and invest in true quality and craftsmanship. I look forward to wearing these for years to come.

wes hetrick
My “old” Russell Loafers

Mine are a year old by now but they have become my favorite Russell boot. I am sure you have made a few changes with the B-52 but I am very happy with my Russell loafers! Wes Hetrick, Fairfax, VA