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Weathered Oak Tongue Saver


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Oscar Lebron
Tongue Saver

There made from high quality materials and I love the way they feel and look on my boots.

Thomas Soder

Tongue Saver

Alec Kenny
Legendary for a reason

I'll preface my review by saying; I own boots from Red Wing, Wesco, Whites, Nick's and a few other USA made brands and Russells are something special. I still absolutely love my PNW boots but it's obvious that Russell Moccasin is building their boots with a different mindset. Most heritage boots are extremely rigid when new and take a lot of painful break in before forming to your foot. Even once broken in, PNW boots are hard under foot. The Russell's are clearly made to the highest standard with great materials but were comfortable on the first wear. I believe this is all down to the true moccasin construction. I had read about the "ground feel" of these boots and it's absolutely real. These boots are very flexible under foot while still being supportive. You just feel the ground beneath you making them ideal for hiking on uneven terrain. The construction style also makes for an extremely water-resistant boot. Overall, these are unique boots in my collection. I don't own anything else like them and I'm glad RM is still making boots the way they have for many decades. I look forward to wearing these boots for years to come.

Robert Yochim
Tongue savers

I put these on each of my 3 pairs of boots years ago. They cushion the laces over the instep and make the boot more comfortable. I wouldn't go without them now.

Grenville G Sutcliffe
Tongue Savers

They have been installed and are working quite well.