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Weathered Oak Backcountry - 7 / D


Customer Reviews

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Kelly Miller
Fit like a glove

Sizing tool worked perfectly. Beautifully made boots reeking of quality. Go ahead and get the matching kilties, makes the boots even more comfortable. Just wonderful.


Best boots I have ever worn

Gianluca Francavilla
Comfortable like sneakers and tough like nails

I purchased these boots 2 months ago and did my first hike in them recently, i have to say they passed the hiking test with flying colors.
They're comfortable like sneakers and tough like nails. I really didn't have to do any "break-in" like traditional boots, the leather is thick and soft.
The fit is generous and allows me to wear thick cushioned socks and still have enough room in the toe box to walk steep downhills comfortably.
The sole has the right amount of rigidity and thinkness to the point that it neutralizes the terrain. You'll walk comfortably regardless of what you walk on.
For me walking miles on rocky terrain on steep uphills and downhills was a breeze.
When I purchased them I used the mobile app, i repeated the measurements 10 times and ordered the size the app suggested the most out of the 10 tries.
I also watched the fit video on the Russell youtube channel to get an idea of what the right fit is and how to they should wear. It was very helpful.
All in all i think the boots are worth the money.
My only criticism is about the lacing studs, the inside retaining ring is sharp and will grind the leather of the tongue in no time.
That's an easy fix that Russell should definitely implement.

GP Texas
Well gotta say…

They are the most comfortable boots I’ve purchased, starting from when I first put them on to using out in the hiking trails. Well thought out design just by the way the tongue is cut high enough to about four inches high enough to keep water out. I’ve had other hiking boots their construction seemed good but they had no endurance in the quality of the material used. When put to the test they just fell apart. Where my current Russel’s have a solid construction to them coming from the quality of material used and to the craftsmanship that resonates endurance.

Christopher D Matthews
My recent purchase

Am honored Russell Moccasin Co reached out and asked what I thought about my new weathered oak backcountry boots. Could not be more happy with them just as I have been with the previous two pair of boots I have bought from this company over the years.