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Buck Tan Oneida Moccasin

Buck Tan Oneida Moccasin Sale

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Buck Tan Oneida Moccasin - 7 / D


Customer Reviews

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60 years of service

I have been wearing Oneidas on a daily basis since I got my first pair 1960. Right now I am wearing the Oneida lace-ups I bought 1964 when I was 18. thay have been resoled often. I wear them every day in my shop and outside if it's not raining. My father introduced me to Russell's and true mocassins. Best shoes I've ever had.

Great footwear

Excellent footwear, well shaped to feet. Sole has excellent grip and doesn't slip.
Great casual footwear.

Whiskey River
If They Could Do This, They Can Do That...

My first pair of W.C. Russell footwear was a pair of full leather, 15 inch Bird Shooters back in 1970, and they put this young 17 year old in the hole for a full two weeks pay. Best pair of boots I ever owned; and let me tell ya, this new pair of Oneidas are just as handsome and rugged. I love 'em. Now, if only the company would bring back the boots that sustained them for over a hundred years, instead of redesigning and cutting corners with boots that are no where near their historic quality and looks. If they can still make world-class moccasins like these Oneidas; they can make those old stalwarts as well; if they really wanted to. Bring back those old Bird Shooters.......... us grizzled Old Timers will love ya for it.

Kenneth Snider
Buy it!

Best shoe I own. Molds to your foot so super comfy!

Victor A. Seefeldt
Great Moccasins

Wearing them right now. My first pair will need to be resoled again. Bought size 12 1/2 so I can fit thicker sock. Wear these in the house, garage and around the house. I’ve worn orthotics for decades which cause some knee pain as conventional soles wear (doesn’t take much wear for this to happen). My feet and knees feel quite bit better in these mocs. I wonder if my feet just don’t fit the standard shape and last of manufactured shoes. Without much shape or structure, mocs allow my feet to function in there own way. I don’t care. I’m on my feet almost all of the time and feet and knees feel good so I’m going to keep wearing them.