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Russell X Kingfisher Bison Driver's Wallet


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Built to Last: Russell X Kingfisher Bison Driver's Wallet with Stellar Customer Service

For those seeking a wallet that combines functionality with timeless style, the Russell X Kingfisher Bison Driver's Wallet is a prime contender. But what truly elevates this product is the exceptional customer service I received from Russell Moccasin. Here's why I'm impressed:

Durability: Crafted from full-grain bison leather, this wallet exudes quality. Bison leather is renowned for its strength and resilience, promising to withstand years of everyday wear. The solid brass hardware further reinforces the feeling of a product built to last.

Simple Functionality: The wallet boasts a minimalist design with two pockets – perfect for separating frequently used cards from cash and business cards. The thumb slot for easy card access is a thoughtful touch, streamlining the process of grabbing your most needed cards.

Front Pocket Friendly: This wallet's design caters to those who prefer a front pocket wallet. Its slim profile minimizes bulk and discomfort, making it ideal for everyday carry.

Exceptional Customer Service: Here's where Russell Moccasin truly shines. While my original order initially arrived missing the Kingfisher Bison Driver's Wallet, Russell Moccasin's customer service team went above and beyond to rectify the situation. They promptly followed up upon realizing the mistake and expedited the shipment of the wallet, ensuring it arrived quickly. Furthermore, they were incredibly accommodating when it came to the custom forms, working with me to ensure all my personalization requests were fulfilled. This level of attentiveness and willingness to go the extra mile solidified my positive impression of the brand.


If you're looking for a well-made, functional wallet that will age gracefully, paired with exceptional customer service, the Russell X Kingfisher Bison Driver's Wallet is definitely worth considering. While the price point might be on the higher end, the quality materials and potentially long lifespan could make it a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, Russell Moccasin's stellar customer service adds to the positive experience.

Bonus points: The wallet's connection to American craftsmanship, being handcrafted by artisans, might appeal to those who value heritage and quality.

Cal Trout
A top shelf product

I’ve used mine daily since the day it was delivered. It is supple yet tough, with a comfortable degree of space for both cash and cards. I never anticipate getting another billfold.