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Weathered Oak Backcountry Premier Build Sale

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Weathered Oak Backcountry Premier Build - 6 / D


Customer Reviews

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Great boots!

These boots are pretty much the best boots I've ever owned. I've tried and own quite a few good other (well known) boot brands, but these Russell Moccasins are by far my favorite to date. I've been wearing them pretty much non stop for a number of weeks now, and they've been outstanding in comfort and wear. Not only great for working in the field, but they've turned out to be excellent hiking boots! I've owned and tried many "hiking" boots and honestly these far excel those made for hiking boots, mind you I've only gone on moderate hikes so far, but so far-so good!

Vincent Visco
Close but

Just wanted to say first off this is a very well made boot and was everything I was looking for.
Turns out the sizing is an issue for me.
I thought I had everything down pat with using the tool which was recommending either a 11 or 11 1/2.
I went with the bigger size, I had about an half inch of room and during the in house wear everything seem pretty good. But after 40 miles of hiking I still get pain in my left foot. Which may be a little longer than my right foot. If I was doing over again I would have ordered the 12 or the E size in the 11 1/2
Going to rest up and heal then try again. If that doesn’t work I will try and sell them at half the price and try again in the fall. With the 12.
Great boot just be sure about the sizing.
Thank you

Eric Forrest
Do You Want Best Trail Boot On The Market?

As soon a I pulled these trail slippers on I knew something was different. These are supper light and I love the way they huge your feet when laced up. Right away I took my dogs,(K9's) on a 2km trail walk in wet snow and my feet stayed dry, warm and extremely comfortable.
My only regret is that I hadn't heard about this amazing company until now at 58 years of age. I definitely recommend these boots and will be ordering a pair as gift for my brother.

Jaco Lamprecht

Well, its been a month since you’ve shipped it out, but I still haven’t received it?

Peter A
Long time wearer of Russell boots and shoes

As someone who has worn Russell footwear since the 1980's, my immediate concern when I learned that Russell Moccasin had changed hands was that some slick marketeer had simply purchased the Russell name. That brought to mind the demise of original companies such as Filson and Eddie Bauer (who used to sell Russell, by the way, but I digress....) On receiving these boots, my fears were put to rest. These are clearly the same quality boots that they have ever been. And that's the best business strategy to use. Let's hit the trail!

Thanks for your continued support Peter! Can't wait to see some pics from the trail!